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Data Centers

LS IT Solutions provides everything you need to successfully manage your current and future computing needs. Our hosted services include servers, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancing and software all backed with expert technical support and dedicated account management.

LS IT Solutions customers can also be confident that they will benefit from our significant network capabilities and scalable infrastructure making LS IT Solutions hosting services a reliable and affordable option. We provide Low Cost Web Hosting Services! You’ll find the Web's best hosting plans right here. But our plans aren't cheap - they're affordable. Big difference! Plus, all of our state-of-the-art hosting plans come complete with FREE technical advice & guidance via telephone.

LS IT Solutions takes the uncertainty out of hosting - and puts service, performance and value back in. No matter which hosting type or plan you choose, your site receives 24/7 maintenance and protection in our data centre and you get the expert, friendly service you deserve.

Dedicated Servers
Show your business some dedication Thinking big? Well, you're going to need your own dedicated server. So dedicate a server to your business - and get complete control. With a LS IT Solutions Dedicated server you own and manage the software applications and content on your server. LS IT Solutions provides and maintains the server hardware, housed within our secure and resilient data center. Solutions are tailored to meet your specific business requirements, continually supported by an Account Manager, technical consultant and hardware specialist.

Perfect for any serious business, a dedicated server will provide a powerful platform for your online venture. Dedicated servers are the ideal solution for complex, high traffic sites which need to run demanding applications seamlessly. Built using the latest Dell hardware, a dedicated server lets you choose what software to install. You'll also get complete control over Firewall and security settings. We can even customize your dedicated server to fit your exact needs. When there is no room for excuses, you need a dedicated server. If you want real control over your online presence, with total reliability and flawless performance, then nothing less will do.

Keep your server safe from hackers Computer crime isn't going to go away. So nullify the threat, with a Firewall. LS IT Solutions is able to offer a full range of firewall services through its own devices. A dedicated LS IT Solutions firewall can help to protect against:

  • IP spoofing
  • icmp and DoS attacks
  • Known ports which are used for hacking
  • Windows file system ports
  • Port scanning

How does a Firewall work?
Powered by Cisco, a Firewall will prohibit unauthorised access and malicious traffic from ever reaching your server network. All inbound traffic is thoroughly filtered according to your exact requirements.

Manage your Firewall to suit you Of course, every business has different needs. That's why our expert engineers have developed a highly intuitive control panel which allows the easy modification of your Firewall security rules. You can set your Firewall security parameters to allow or deny all variants of incoming and outgoing data - ensuring all illegitimate traffic is completely blocked

LS IT Solutions E-Filter is a business class e-mail filtering system, offering a complete Anti-Spam/Anti-virus and content scanning solution for your domain’s e-mail. The service is based upon a cluster of services dedicated to scan e-mail. This system is proven to be fast, effective and resilient to failure.

Why use E-Filter?
Already have your own mail server?
Looking to outsource your Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scanning?
LS IT Solutions E-Filter solution is an easy-to-use service that scans and cleans your e-mail before it reaches your mail server. Once cleaned the e-mail is then passed onto your own mail server where you can then distribute the e-mail as required.

How does it work?
Simply provide us with the IP address of your mail server, and make a basic MX record change to your domain’s DNS. You can then specify exactly what level of protection you would like your e-mail to be scanned against – from standard Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scanning to full content checking and phishing protection. Daily data protection E-Filter carries out multiple daily updates to our virus definition databases to ensure that your mail server remains protected.

E-Commerce Web Hosting Solutions
Your business rates the dependability and power of a LS IT Solutions dedicated server. Your customers will benefit with quick loading pages, easy navigation, and immediate response. You'll benefit with increased bandwidth, larger file storage, and enhanced site flexibility as you manage your online store. LS IT Solutions offers two e-commerce hosting options for online businesses:

» Virtual Dedicated Server – a cost effective option for getting started and growing your business
» True Dedicated Server – for businesses with larger inventories and heavier customer traffic

We'll analyze your business and direct you to the choice that's right for you.

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