Networking Solutions

Network Design and Installation

Whether you are the IT manager needing help on a big project or small business owner needing regular computer maintenance, we guarantee our work will be on budget, on the time and done right the first time. We can design and install a network to integrate ALL of your technology such as pc’s, servers, phone systems, document management, internet, security, email and remote connectivity to produce higher levels of cost savings, efficiency, and competitive advantages .

This solution also supports business change by having the inherent ability to both scale and flex in line with business demand, and simplifies operational processes such as moves, add and changes. It also enables the introduction of new systems, processes, partners and employees with minimum business impact, and ensures greater flexibility in the way in which people work.

Networking the computer in your office is inexpensive and offers tremendous benefits, such as:
  • File sharing setting up a file server providing a central location for your company’s critical data, which allows multiple prople to use it, and make backups much easier and more reliable.
  • Security can be set up to ensure that sensitive data is protected. A secured, locked-up network server is much safer than a desktop computer for storing sensitive data like payroll and accounting records. Any pc that can be physically touched can be compromised. Storing all of the data on a server takes the sensitive data off the desktop PC’s by buying just a couple of printers that everyone can share.
  • Internet Access Networked computers can access the Internet and email.
  • Wireless we can plan wireless network to be both secure and convenient.

If you want to make you’re getting maximum value from every pound spent on the technology that runs your business then give us a call. We will happy to visit your office or site at no cost or obligation to assess your current IT Infrastructure and discuss the benefit networking could provide. We are specialize in upgrades, troubleshooting, or new installations for:

  • LANs ( Local Area Networks )
  • WANs ( Wide Area Networks )
  • WANs ( Wide Area Networks )
  • VPNs ( Virtual Private Networks )

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